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MAC Youth''s mission:"To develop committed Muslim youth capable of spreading and giving root to the comprehensive understanding of Islam, and to prepare them to be at the forefront in the development of their communities."

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Elhamdulilah, here comes a new Halaqa session with many goals, hopes and dreams to achieve!

MAC Youth has developed a series of Halaqat that are both unique and comprehensive in their nature. Building on success, we are pleased to introduce our new Halaqa session starting by the end of November, 2009 (exact date will follow).

What is different about MAC Youth Halaqa?

Our halaqa is not structured around speakers and listeners; in contrast, our Halaqa’s success is based upon ongoing interaction between qualified coordinators and active Halaqa members. The outcome of the Halaqa will be a new project serving the society at large.

What are the main focuses of the Halaqa?

The MAC Youth Halaqa has four focuses:

ILM: To build and excel in the essential knowledge of tafseer, tajweed, seerah, hadeeth and other Ismlamic sciences.

Youth Concerns: To cover contemporary challenges experienced by all of us on personal level, on campus, community and society at large.

Tazkiyah: New exercises with new methods to enrich our connection to Allah subhanahu wa ta’la.

Excel: To support youth with new skills and talents necessary in the development of a professional Muslim. The fruit of Excel will be finalizing the project defined by the coordinators and Halaqa members.

Why do we have a project?

Our vision is to apply what we learn, and produce something positive. Ilm, manners, and skills learnt throughout the program will be tested when we work together in teams to produce something useful. Imagine if every Halaqa in North America had a project that produces something useful to the community at large. Definitely, it will make a change, inshaAllah.

The idea of Excel started with the 2009 MAC Youth Halaqa. All halaqa members successfully introduced a new and wonderful project; This project aims to present a real picture of Muslims in the North American society. This project will provide excellent quality and high resolution pictures to media, search engines, NGOs and Islamic institutions such as MSAs in North America. In addition, it will provide a venue for talented and professional photographers to upload photos with a real representation of Muslims. For more information about the project, please check:

All Muslim college and university students.

Please fill in the application form on this website

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Welcome to the Ottawa MAC Youth Website! Here, well post updates related to all our different events and youll find links to our different projects, inshaAllah.

If you ever had a question about the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) or about MAC Youth, heres the place to find your answers, inshaAllah. Were super happy that this website has been launched, and looking forward to your participation at our different events.

NOTE: This website is under construction! Coming very soon, inshaAllah! In the meantime, check out this introductory video about Ottawa MAC Youth, produced in 2007:

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